With years of experience in the organization and optimization of logistic processes, we support our customers as a competent partner. After a personal analysis of your needs, we provide you with a concept for a more effective and reduce the costs of your logistics.

Delivered in a few hours

Europe settled with partners, we create an individual approach to the handling of your shipments. These may consist of, among other fixed routes, which are performed several times a day. Usually includes a tour of 200-250 km and a time of 8 hours max.
If necessary, they can be adapted to individual customer requirements. A delivery of your goods is thereby possible in a few hours.
The drivers support our customers up to 8 hours per day.

Time saving and low error rates

Through our Kistenkommissionierung for each delivery can not only saves time. Experience has shown that in the error rate can be minimized in terms of deliveries, as a interchange of goods are excluded by the driver.

Vehicles in your appearance

Vehicle graphics by individual employees and clothing contact our staff and partners in the appearance of the client. Your corporate design is thus maintained through to delivery of your goods to the customer. The friendly and knowledgeable drivers towards your customers experience, we vouch for that.

Can Trust

In selecting our drivers, we place great emphasis on quality, which is controlled by our area managers constantly. All of our drivers receive ADR training and are in possession of a ADR license.
All our drivers speak German and occur in the interests of your business.

Ongoing optimization of tours

The tours of our customers are continuously monitored by the regional manager and optimized. As a result, unnecessary costs for the client can be saved.

GPS Tracking: optimize and determine delivery routes quickly.

As an affiliate, you have the option of using our GPS tracking system for tracking your vehicles. This allows you to determine at any time the location of your vehicles and your customers call to prepare an exact delivery date. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to check their existing route planning and optimization. To give you an idea about this service, one of our vehicles is constantly on the road as a test vehicle. We will send you test credentials with which you can get an idea about the system.
To do this, fill out the form below and we will send you the login details for our test system.